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What do you know about satellite communications and how it can help your business? - Gary Coxe

With the increase use and development of Internet, satellite internet is one of the services, which have been since created. The service is useful to various sectors in the economy for example, consumers, government agencies and other enterprises.
How are they useful to Consumers?
With the continued use of the mobile satellite Internet, a consumer is one of the groups that is benefiting. Mobile satellite Internet is useful to users in various ways; the mobile satellites provide fully automated and in most cases a robust, broadband at a usually affordable price. The RVDataSat 840 antenna by Mobil Satellite Technologies, for instance, generally operates with a button inside a vehicle of the consumer. The other advantageous aspect is that it deploys within few minutes. As such, these satellites antenna has enhanced the communications of the users.
What types of Government Agencies use these antennas?
Mobile commands for the satellites could be beneficial to government agencies. Government agencies rely on the voice, video and data from the scene of bigger emergencies or events that need a quick government response. These events and emergencies include; hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, Aircrafts accidents, radiological events, protest. Considering the types of emergencies and events that the government can respond to, the following government agencies can therefore benefit from mobile satellite; Fire agencies, flood and disaster management agencies, Police agencies to curb the issues of protest, meteorological agencies, airline an agencies and transport agencies.
How Enterprises use Mobile Satellite Antennas.
Several enterprises have adopted the use of mobile satellite internet. Some of these enterprises include; Insurance, banks, medical and broadcast. Insurance; after any catastrophic event, insurance companies normally deploy their catastrophic response team to the affected areas. The catastrophic respondent team relies on the satellite communications to immediately start the claim process. These mobile antennae allow them to send arrays of signals with the software to their centers.
Banks; Several banks today maintain mobile bank branches for deployment to major natural disasters areas. ATMS machines have also been used to access every client and other bank services.
Medical; Mobile health clinics with the use of mobile satellites have been used to reach out to the communities. Other branches in medical sector that use the mobile satellite antennae are the mammography clinics, mobile field hospitals and the mobile dental clinics.
Broadcast; for the events such as sporting competitions, a national political convention there is normally a big demand for these videos. As such, many broadcasting companies have exploited the use of mobile satellite antennae top help stream the video to their viewers
How are they used in disaster situations like hurricanes for example.
Personnel at the disaster situations use RVDataSat 840 for full communications capability. RVDataSat 840 enhances easy access to the outside information. Accessibility to information is a key aspect in getting the necessary resources needed at the disaster sites without delays. The live broadcasting from these areas have also been enhanced.

I use satellite internet whenever I am on the road for my coaching events to stay connected and available to anyone who needs me at any given time

Instantly bring peace and balance into your life with a 'buffer' - Gary Coxe

I love having balance in life and I view the constant adjustments to make this happen exciting and very challenging.
Let me share with you a tool to obtain more balance and peace in your life.  I remember taking a driving course in school when I was younger.
One rule of thumb that you may have been taught is when following behind a car you should have a 'buffer' of space.  This amounts to one car length of space per every 10 mph of speed.
Let's stop and think about the purpose for following this rule. It's designed to give you a 'buffer' of space between you and the car in front of you, in case the driver needs to stop suddenly.
If you've followed the rule, you'll have both 'buffer' time and space to be prepared for possible danger.
My question to you is how much buffer space do you need in your life?  Here are a few hints to determine if you aren't allowing enough space.
You'll say things like, "There just isn't enough time in the day" or "I can't seem to get everything done that I need to."
Sound familiar?  Perhaps you or someone you know is always late or behind the eight ball. Or maybe you feel like a chicken without a head, or feel like you're being pulled from all directions?.
The solution to not having these thoughts or feelings is you MUST have buffers in place in your daily life.  If you want balance and more peace of mind, this is a MUST, not an option.
To master this you must learn to say no, not only to others but to yourself.  You can't do it all and have it all at the same time.
This amounts to learning how to simplify your life and the only way is to have buffers to serve you in case someone hits their brakes unexpectedly.  No space and you'll pay the price because sooner or later someone will hit their brakes.
Legally, when you hit or run into the back of a car, whose fault is it...ALWAYS?  Need I say anymore?
So how do you achieve this mastery?  Start now by asking this one question.  What are some things that I or my family can give up and pull back to give me more space?
Answering this question is easy compared to actually following through.  You are going to have to say NO!.  I will no longer spend time doing this or that.  If you don't make the changes then you're driving too close to the car in front of you. This will increase your stress, which is unhealthy, and sooner or later, it will catch up to you.
I invite you to analyze your life and make some changes now, not after the accident because you were following someone to close.  Wisdom is when you don't have to have the accident to make the needed adjustments.
So, what are you waiting for?  Make that list and make those changes.  It's time to back it up a bit.
The advantages of all this? I recently just got back from my flight medical doctor. As a pilot i am required to take a physical every 6 months or 2 years. His words after taking my blood pressure were, "You have the blood pressure of a teenage!" (118/78)  I know these kind of results are by choice and design. Keep designing your life.
Here's to more balance and happiness in your life,
PS. I invite you to check out my video series program 'How to Create More Balance and Be More Profitable in Your Business!" (( LINK THE TITLE TO THE PAGE - It's a must, especially if you're in your own business or have what seems to be a hectic life.  Enjoy!

What does your IPA look like today?

Dear Friends, as you know, an entrepreneur has to wear many hats.
How many do you wear?

The challenge with wearing so many hats is that it can become very difficult
to focus on what are your most important priorities.

No company can exist without sales.  So you must understand what your IPA is.

IPA stands for Income Producing Activities.  Do you specifically know what your
income producing activities are?

This is a must.  The result of your IPA is what grows your company.  If you
don't focus on making sales your competition will be more than happy to do it
for you.

There is something even more important than identifying your income producing
activities. What could that be?

You have to make sure you implement them.  Create time slots for yourself that
are focused strictly on income producing activities.

Then, take action, take action, take action!

If you are constantly allowing anything other than IPAs to distract you, watch out!
This will prevent you from attaining your financial goals.

Who is Gary coxe?

Gary Coxe (born March 25, 1964) is an internationally known personal growth Expert and Life Strategist specializing in helping people to change their lives for the better. He’s been featured on national television shows, speaks regularly at seminars, conventions, and events, and has helped people across the country get past tragedy and hardships of their own. He brings his message to people through his programs, seminars, events, and TV shows.

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