Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What do you know about satellite communications and how it can help your business? - Gary Coxe

With the increase use and development of Internet, satellite internet is one of the services, which have been since created. The service is useful to various sectors in the economy for example, consumers, government agencies and other enterprises.
How are they useful to Consumers?
With the continued use of the mobile satellite Internet, a consumer is one of the groups that is benefiting. Mobile satellite Internet is useful to users in various ways; the mobile satellites provide fully automated and in most cases a robust, broadband at a usually affordable price. The RVDataSat 840 antenna by Mobil Satellite Technologies, for instance, generally operates with a button inside a vehicle of the consumer. The other advantageous aspect is that it deploys within few minutes. As such, these satellites antenna has enhanced the communications of the users.
What types of Government Agencies use these antennas?
Mobile commands for the satellites could be beneficial to government agencies. Government agencies rely on the voice, video and data from the scene of bigger emergencies or events that need a quick government response. These events and emergencies include; hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, Aircrafts accidents, radiological events, protest. Considering the types of emergencies and events that the government can respond to, the following government agencies can therefore benefit from mobile satellite; Fire agencies, flood and disaster management agencies, Police agencies to curb the issues of protest, meteorological agencies, airline an agencies and transport agencies.
How Enterprises use Mobile Satellite Antennas.
Several enterprises have adopted the use of mobile satellite internet. Some of these enterprises include; Insurance, banks, medical and broadcast. Insurance; after any catastrophic event, insurance companies normally deploy their catastrophic response team to the affected areas. The catastrophic respondent team relies on the satellite communications to immediately start the claim process. These mobile antennae allow them to send arrays of signals with the software to their centers.
Banks; Several banks today maintain mobile bank branches for deployment to major natural disasters areas. ATMS machines have also been used to access every client and other bank services.
Medical; Mobile health clinics with the use of mobile satellites have been used to reach out to the communities. Other branches in medical sector that use the mobile satellite antennae are the mammography clinics, mobile field hospitals and the mobile dental clinics.
Broadcast; for the events such as sporting competitions, a national political convention there is normally a big demand for these videos. As such, many broadcasting companies have exploited the use of mobile satellite antennae top help stream the video to their viewers
How are they used in disaster situations like hurricanes for example.
Personnel at the disaster situations use RVDataSat 840 for full communications capability. RVDataSat 840 enhances easy access to the outside information. Accessibility to information is a key aspect in getting the necessary resources needed at the disaster sites without delays. The live broadcasting from these areas have also been enhanced.

I use satellite internet whenever I am on the road for my coaching events to stay connected and available to anyone who needs me at any given time

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