Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What does your IPA look like today?

Dear Friends, as you know, an entrepreneur has to wear many hats.
How many do you wear?

The challenge with wearing so many hats is that it can become very difficult
to focus on what are your most important priorities.

No company can exist without sales.  So you must understand what your IPA is.

IPA stands for Income Producing Activities.  Do you specifically know what your
income producing activities are?

This is a must.  The result of your IPA is what grows your company.  If you
don't focus on making sales your competition will be more than happy to do it
for you.

There is something even more important than identifying your income producing
activities. What could that be?

You have to make sure you implement them.  Create time slots for yourself that
are focused strictly on income producing activities.

Then, take action, take action, take action!

If you are constantly allowing anything other than IPAs to distract you, watch out!
This will prevent you from attaining your financial goals.

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